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Marti did an excellent job quarterbacking the production of a PSA commercial for cable TV for our non-profit (Friends of Nepal New Jersey) Nepali Children's Benefit Event. Her attention to detail was extraordinary and she made sure datelines and product quality met or exceeded expectations. She was a real pleasure to work with and we would recommend her to anyone seeking such services.

~ Charles Brine, President

Marti Davis can be considered a magician because she seems to make miracles happen.  In my experiences with her she is the kind of producer you want on your team, an individual who can find a solution to any problem you throw at her.  In a business where we make the impossible possible, Marti just doesn’t talk the talk, she walks the walk.

~ Jeff Stewart, Film Director, ADP Films

Marti is a great person and was a valuable asset on set. She knew people who could fill the roles we needed and also helped pull this project together in amazing fashion. She has a great knowledge of the film and TV production industry and worked well with everyone on set and brought a huge spark of upbeat positive energy and was a joy to work with from the start to finish of the project.

~ RJ Barkelew, Film Director, RJ Studios

I have worked with Marti on the Zombie Etiquette film set and my TV show Breezin with Bierman on Princeton TV.  Marti cheerfully takes control of the creative chaos, that is a film set.  She puts people in a position to succeed, answers questions, and soothes nerves. She makes sure the project makes it to the finish line.  I highly recommend Marti in any endeavor she chooses to be in.

~ Adam Bierman, Host & Producer, Princeton TV

Marti Davis has been instrumental in helping me guide my daughter, Kylie Cast’s acting career.  We were new to the industry and Marti took us under her wing.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the TV/film industry and was so generous sharing this invaluable information with us.  Marti taught us how to navigate IMDb, gave advice regarding headshots & jobs and even introduced my daughter to her current manager.  Marti is extremely upbeat, encouraging, organized and just a pleasure to work with!

~ Tracy Cast, Managing Kylie Cast

My name is Zack Beyer and I am an Actor/ Model. Marti Davis got me my first leading role on a TV show. Since then my busy career has taken off and Marti has been there every step of the way.

Day or night Marti has been there for me with knowledge, critiques, advice, support, prayers..... Everything.  An amazing person in this industry is hard to find...... And an amazing person with the knowledge, smarts, and experience of this fast paced industry is just about non existent. But I can assure you that since the day I first met Marti Davis she has been all of that and more.

I am blessed and thankful to have such an amazingly talented hardworking individual on my side. Everything that I am.... And all that I am becoming..... Marti Davis is on top of my list as people responsible..... One of the top of my list of people to thank when I accept my Awards! :)  Thank You.

~ Zack Beyer, Actor

 I give The Invaders Five out of Five Stars! ~ SCI-FI MAFIA

 Series Directed by Mark Cabaroy | Produced by Marti Davis

Plans for Success

Marti Davis is a very competent and detail-oriented producer.  It was a pleasure working with her, and I look forward to working together again on any future project.  

~ Stefanie Coimbra, Founder, House of Quest

Marti Davis is a big help and valuable asset to any production team. She is easy to work with and has an extensive knowledge of the film industry. Highly recommended for anyone who may be considering bringing her aboard for their production, whether a series, television or feature film.

~ Greg Leib, Executive Producer, KillerBeam Entertainment

I had always dreamed of my films being recognised internationally but I didn't know how. Marti became the answer. She's a very dedicated person that any production company should have on board. I'm looking forward to working with you once again this new year. Keep the great work coming. Cheers!

~ Kihire Kennedy, Film Director

Kihiray Pictures (Uganda)

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Telly Award

The  Invaders:

Angies Logs

Marti Davis - Producer / CD


Telly Award


I Need Someone

Marti Davis -

Producer / CD


Telly Award

The  Invaders:

Angies Logs

Marti Davis - Producer / CD



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The Invaders: Angie's Logs

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The Invaders: Angie's Logs




The Invaders: Angie's Logs


The Invaders: Angie's Logs



The Invaders: Angie's Logs

Best Actress in Comedy

Catori Crawford

The Invaders: Angie's Logs


The Invaders: Angie's Logs

The Invaders: Angie's Logs

2011 Honolulu Film

Awards  Winner

Zombie Etiquette:

Zombie Love Potion

Marti Davis - Producer


2012 Art All Night

Film Festival

Zombie Etiquette:  X

Marti Davis - Producer / CD

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