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Adventures of Jane & John
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Dorothy Karen Langhorn
Dir LRG Dead Wrong & Marti Davis
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All Smiles - Film Premiere
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Actors  Blue Ribbon Productions provides talent consulting services to enable actors to achieve their career goals.  We use industry insider expertise, goal-setting strategies and marketing as well as personalized coaching to boast the careers of our clients. 




Get Started if you are interested in becoming an actor contact us for expert support to get you going out on auditions and booking work.





Get Booked by knowing what will positively impact the Casting Director and influence the production team to select you from all the other submissions.  Learn what goes on behind the scenes in the audition room, and leverage the knowledge to increase your booking rates!




Actors contact us using our contact form or email us two recent photos and your resume (if you have one).   Please include your full contact information in the email and your name in the Subject line.   For children actors, please include birth month and year and most current photos. 




PROJECT CASTING CALLS | Follow Us on Facebook for up-to-date job postings (click below):



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